Buenos diaz all….woke up this a.m. to another beautiful sunny day here in the Yucatan, however, I felt a bit froggy/loggy or snoop doggie doggie (whatever, a bit off peak).   Maybe due to meds for an ear inflamation or dental work yesterday, which by the way was very inexpensive and equal to or better than any I have ever received in the U.S. anyway, I downed my nutritionally packed potion from Dr. Amy and headed to the jardin de paradiso (garden of paradise) at the hostel to do my a.m. meditation practice.

I experienced a total mood/physical transformation as has been the case recently with the balance my system has been acheiving (or so it feels) . I followed with yoga by the pool and was catapaulted into another realm (not of the manic variety) as I did the meditative/strengthing postures and watched light fluffy clouds float overhead.

So a few things about my last post. I outlined what has worked for me and as all can attest I am rather strongly opinionated on the issue (and a plethora of others as well that i won`t go into YET).  That being said I want to strongly iterate that everyone must follow the wellness program that works best for them.  Some folks do quite well on meds. I am not adovocating against them necessarily but I am encouraging folks to research/bring awareness to nutritional issues that can greatly affect systemic balance, whether it is in conjunction with taking meds or not.

As one of my zen teachers said (and I may have said previosly but as my dad said bears repeating) don’t believe anything I say because none of it is true.  I can state my truth but not yours (or urines as the folks in the woods near my town might say).  Like some of us, if someone tells me to walk left I will immediately turn to the right but if I see something work for someone I’m all ears as re inventing the wheel is not one of my favorite pastimes. so with that said I will shut the f up and head for the pool….cheers.

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